Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019


Imagine a world in which music were the motor of change, and sound the beginning of something new. In which we could find other possibilities on relating with the whole environment, the others and ourselves. In which things could be organized in a different, more efficient way. Imagine no boundaries between art, science and technology.

Since 2009, the aim of The DK <projection> has been to encourage and promote the use of technology as a vehicle of musical and artistic transformation. Technology represents the creative stimulus of the group, founded beside the historical roots of one of the most important worldwide meccas of electronic music: The Institute of Sonology in The Hague.

In order to materialize this, we invent new genres and methods that play a role in visual arts, applied technology and sound spatialization, trying to reevaluate the notion of music from a sociological, neo-anthropocentric viewpoint.

Looking forward you enjoy the journey!


Ángel Arranz
Founder and Artistic Director of The DK <projection>