Post Scriptum 2: Music from the Institute of Sonology - [various authors]. Akane Takada, piano. Ángel Arranz, electronics.

Sound of the Clarinet - José María "JM" Santandreu [various authors]. Co-produced by The DK <projection>


Colección AMEE 03 - CD de la Asociación de Música Electroacústica de España


AMEE 25 aniversario 2012


CD Punto Intenso contra Remisso produced by The DK <projection>



Festival SON 2013

Datum: March 09 2013

Place: La Casa Encendida, Madrid [ES]

Time: 22:00h 


The DK<projection> will open the new edition of Festival SON - musicadhoy, with the world premiere of sonic architectures, March 9th 2013, La Casa Encendida, Madrid [ES], performed by Akane Takada (piano), Josetxo Silguero (bass saxophone) and Ralph R. Krause (cello).


sonic architectures is a modular recital with variable number of live electronic and tape pieces. The premiere will be conformed by three instrumental compositions with live electronics and three acousmatic pieces, with the accompaniment of video projections. The recital is played uninterruptedly.


The sixth and last piece, Punto Intenso contra Remisso for cello and electronics, gives way, as a kind of fulcrum of the whole framework, to the anti-rythm of the recital, callingHiggs: a performance which is flashmob and acousmatic music at the same time. The audience participates actively in callingHiggs by shooting a multiplicity of samples through mobile devices, following a strategy of pre-recorded sounds spread through the hall, and a general, intuitive synchronization.


You can download the whole program notes [Spanish] in pdf here:

program notes