Post Scriptum 2: Music from the Institute of Sonology - [various authors]. Akane Takada, piano. Ángel Arranz, electronics.

Sound of the Clarinet - José María "JM" Santandreu [various authors]. Co-produced by The DK <projection>


Colección AMEE 03 - CD de la Asociación de Música Electroacústica de España


AMEE 25 aniversario 2012


CD Punto Intenso contra Remisso produced by The DK <projection>



DLLYDE at Festival Sonar [ES]

De la luz y del espacio has been completely re-espatialized in a new version for Wave Field Synthesis system, which will be presented within the concert of the Dutch Game of Life Foundation at Festival Sonar - Barcelona. From 14th to 16th of June, 12.00 to 22.00 hours will be possible to visit the installation of this 192-speaker system at MACBA in Barcelona, experiencing a continuous concert as an extraordinary complement of Rita McBride's exhibition, together with a lineup of more than twenty composers and specific lectures on the subject.


Composed in 2011 and video animated by The DK <projection>, DLLYDE is last piece of the acousmatic series [d]espacio, based on four avant-garde architectures with video projections. Thanks to this adaptation to WFS spatialization, the piece enhances much more the resonant qualities of the real spaces, and also unfolds certain hidden prolixity of physical/acoustical plans implicit in the original conception.


Schedule the 3 days for DLLYDE at MACBA - Barcelona:


June 14th -> 17.39 h

June 15th -> 19.26 h

June 16th -> 17.56 h


The WFS tecnique allows to position whatever sound in an specific point of the space inside an area; to move the sound stablishing certain time-space routes, as well as to set any sound out of the system, that is, out of the area in which the audience is seated.


WFS on Flickr