Post Scriptum 2: Music from the Institute of Sonology - [various authors]. Akane Takada, piano. Ángel Arranz, electronics.

Sound of the Clarinet - José María "JM" Santandreu [various authors]. Co-produced by The DK <projection>


Colección AMEE 03 - CD de la Asociación de Música Electroacústica de España


AMEE 25 aniversario 2012


CD Punto Intenso contra Remisso produced by The DK <projection>



DLLYDE at Busan - South Korea

On December 6th 2011 will take place the world premiere of De la luz y del espacio at BIEMF, an international festival on electronic music that will be celebrated at the city of Busan - Republic of Korea.

De la luz y del espacio [On light and space] is the central 4-channel electronic music piece with video animations of the DK <qumran> series by the composer Ángel Arranz. Both, music and video performance are directly inspired in the avant-garde building Bodegas Qumrán, a work by the bureau of architecture Konkrit Blu from Barcelona [ES]. 

More details on this project the piece at: