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Chasmata is a 21st-century total artistic experience [Gesemtkunstwerk] designed by The DK <projection> in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in 2017. The project is a slow-cooked stew of various disciplines [astrogeology, architecture, instrumental music, sound art, electronic music, visual art, and sculpture] that revolves around saxophone culture and new technology.



electronic music project for cell phones

callingHiggs is an electronic music project for cell phones in which the audience participates actively by using an specifically designed app.




young iranian electronic music

Toranj is a recital of acousmatic pieces by young Iranian men and women composers. The concert gives insight into the excellent moment and splendid panorama of the electronic music in Iran, a consolidated country with an enormous creative power and sonic imagination.



DK protos

music and architecture

DK <protos> is a series of three pieces composed by Ángel Arranz between the years 2006 and 2009 and revised by the composer in several occasions between 2010 and 2013. The singularity of this series is that the three pieces are inspired by the building Bodegas Protos.


Institute of Sonology

historical and recent electronic music

The Instituut voor Sonologie Den Haag is one of the lead institutions in Europe in the field of electroacustic music creation, electronic music and computer-assisted composition The DK <projection> has prepared a program with music by some of its most representative figures.


Dismantling (itself) the time

clarinet and technology

Dismantling (itlsef) the time is a cohesive recital conformed by acoustic and electroacoustic pieces for clarinet solo. Centered on the new Spanish musical contemporary scene, the project becomes a sort of representative showcase of different creative proposals.



Sound intervention

Topos [place] Sonos [sound]: Toposonia is a 45 minutes sound intervention designed to celebrate 1000 years of the Foundation of Peñafiel City. Around 200 musicians spread through several places of Peñafiel create a joint sound choreography that plays with the spaces from an acoustic, organic point of view. 


DK qumran

music and architecture

DK <qumran> is an interdisciplinary audiovisual series of works that combines live visuals, architecture and music. The show consists in real-time generated visuals and electronic music [live and fixed media]. Music is reproduced through a set of speakers surrounding the audience in order to recreate the spatial feeling of the real spaces.


Both video and music are based on the architecture of Bodegas Qumrán [ES]. The winery is located in the prestigious Golden Mile of Ribera del Duero, positioned on a small hill with gentle and sunny slopes called ‘El Cerro de las Bodegas’, surrounded by a vineyard of 4,5 Ha. The building, a work by the Spanish architecture studio Konkrit Blu, is an impressive concrete construction, which successfully combines futuristic design and the tranquil, timeless beauty of Castilian wine landscapes.



music | video art | architecture | wine

[d]espacio is an multi [inter] disciplinary spectacle conformed by four fixed media pieces and video projections composed between 2009 and 2012. The avant-garde buildings of four Spanish wineries closely inspire the four pieces; these wineries have been designed by four renowned contemporary architects: Electronic Study, based on Bodegas Protos designed by Sir Richard Rogers; Extrusion, based on Bodegas Marqués de Riscal by Frank Gehry; S A H, based on Bodegas Ysios by Santiago Calatrava and De la luz y del espacio, based on Bodegas Qumrán by Hernández/Solís [Konkrit Blu Arquitectura – Barcelona].


sonic architectures

electronic music and visuals

sonic architectures is an multidisciplinary spectacle conformed by a variable number of live electronic music pieces and acousmatic pieces with video projections. The show tries to explore, by means of video and sound, the architectural models in which the pieces are inspired by.


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