Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019



by The DK <projection>

DK <qumran> - Architecture & Music Series

DK <protos> - Architecture & Music Series

[d] espacio - Architecture & Music Series

DK <sin> For Multi-Instrumental Ensemble And(Or) Electronics

Urban Sound Art

Punto Intenso Contra Remisso


DK <qumran> is an interdisciplinary audiovisual series of works that combines live visuals, architecture and music. The show consists in real-time generated visuals and electronic music [live and fixed media]. Music is reproduced through a set of speakers surrounding the audience in order to recreate the spatial feeling of the real spaces.

The documentary explores the pluridisciplinary relationships between music, architecture and visual arts, but also disciplines such as archaeology and enology, putting an special emphasis on history and old books collection.

Short reportage on [d]espacio, a multidisciplinary series of four pieces based on four avant-garde buildings in Spain: Bodegas Protos, Bodegas Marqués de Riscal, Bodegas Ysios y Bodegas Qumrán.


Paolo Nespoli from ISS

Programa La Sala - La 2

Chasmata - La 1

Chasmata - La 2

Chasmata - Antena 3

Chasmata - Telecinco

La Casa Encendida RTVE [ES]

Básicos Arte Sonoro


El Mundo - DK <qumran>


DK <qumran> - El Norte de Castilla

dk qumran norte de castilla 14_09_11

La Razón - DK <qumran>

La Razon

Interview with Ángel Arranz by Pablo Sanz