Tuesday, Jun 18, 2024


Phoneart: Zenon-synthesis electronic music for cell phones

callingHiggs is an electronic music project for cell phones in which the audience participates actively by using an specifically designed app. The 30 different tracks distributed among the participants’ cell phones (bosons) produce an electronic piece, which plays, in a versatile way, both with the role of the audience and the intervened space. All the cell phones are played automatically in a synchronized way, producing sounds and a video choreography through the phones’ screens.


Higgs’ boson seems to open up the doors towards a complete re-evaluation of our values on the existence of the universe, which raises a huge question in the physics domain. callingHiggs aims to embody this particle grid using sound as a joint digital chant, uniting each and every phone in the performance, as if each participant occupied a particle position.

callingHiggs seeks to subdue the intervened architectural space by means of a series of semi-controlled gestural behaviors. These behaviors on the sound mass have to do with a holistic idea of participation, rather than with an exhaustive control of sound diffusion via the telephone ensemble. The basic musical idea behind callingHiggs is the creation of textures that have an impact on the perception of space, working from the genesis of the materials themselves, and having into account at all times the global resultant from the individual (what has been named Zenon Synthesis). To a certain extent, the piece assumes a biological control of the materials, wherein the reference at a genetic level is implicit within the thresholds of each event at a singular level.

In order to participate in the performance, regardless your device type, it is indispensable that you install the app callingHiggs in your cell phone.




Once you have successfully installed the app callingHiggs in your device, you can proceed to make music with all us. Note: in order to expedite the preparations to the concert, please download your tones at home!


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