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Ángel Arranz

Ángel Arranz is a composer, electronic music performer, musicologist and music producer.

His work centers on the development of modular structures, the exploration of intermediate domains between traditional instruments and electronics and sound spatialization. His music utilizes time as a constructional matter through applied mathematics, unifying the domains physical, structural, notational and DSP by means of organicism, morphology of natural forms, correlated spatiality and fractal geometry.

He is a Ph.D. in Musicology specializing on the history of electronic music. His research examines space as a musical transversal concept, especially through the perspective of analog-acousmatic historical electronic music to date and algorithmic composition.

Ángel is the founder and Artistic Director of The DK <projection>, a independent multi(inter)disciplinary group whose creative stimulus is the use of technology as a vehicle of musical and artistic transformation, created at one of the world’s most vibrant hubs of classical electronic music and media art: the Institute of Sonology in The Hague (NL).


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