Tuesday, Jun 18, 2024

Dismantling (itself) the time

New electroacoustic music for clarinet solo

Dismantling (itself) the time is a cohesive recital conformed by acoustic and electroacoustic pieces for clarinet solo. Centered on the new Spanish musical contemporary scene, the project becomes a sort of representative showcase of different creative proposals by young composers involving new media, as well as pieces by the most currently renowned composers. José María aka ‘JM’ Santandreu is the human vehicle for this realization. Due to his praised, subtle dark clarinet sound, JM is considered one of the most relevant clarinetists of the Spanish panorama.

Santandreu has been defined by critics and experts such as Karl Leister as follows: “JM Santandreu wants to merge his darkest and powerful, in turn delicate and warm sound, together with the most up-to-date electronics of the state-of-the-art composition panorama by adding new repertoire for clarinet solo. His performing is quite interesting and he represents a great example upon the way of playing clarinet”. In this project, Santandreu proposes merging his own technical skills with performative brilliance, integrating a set of works by renowned authors, some of them commissioned to take part of this project.

Dismantling (itself) the time – Official photo album Flickr