Tuesday, Jun 18, 2024

Sonic Architectures

8-channel live electronic/acousmatic music and video projection

sonic architectures is an multidisciplinary spectacle conformed by a variable number of live electronic music pieces and acousmatic pieces with video projections. The show tries to explore, by means of video and sound, the architectural models in which the pieces are inspired by.

The DK <projection> creates the music and the video projections. While music is diffused through a surround speakers system, images are projected on the main screen of the hall. The pieces in this recital conform an organic whole and they are played continuously without gasps between them. We merge different disciplines creating a total aesthetical experience, in which music and video are completely related, in spatial and temporal ways, to architecture.

You could find here the program notes (Spanish only) published in the world premiere at Festival SON-musicadhoy in Madrid.

sonic architectures photo album Flickr