Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021

A more relaxed shooting day

Today was the last shooting day at Bodegas Qumrán. The schedule for today was more relaxed, as we worked mainly on the recording of interviews with the project´s artistic team, as well as some other take with Jesús.

After a small re-organisation of the activities, we shot the first takes in the vineyards and moved later on to the interviews: Mónica Peñas, the creator of the Qumrán wines; Sandra Hernández and Álvaro Solís, the architects; Ángel Arranz, the composer of the musical series DK <qumran> and producer of the documentary, the visual artist and so and so forth… The focus was to show the existing relationship among the different disciplines.

The most remarkable thing of the morning was Jesús Solis showing us his old books: the Caballero Zifar (The Knight Zifar), the main character of the first knightly novel of history, as well as other medieval volumes dealing about popular wisdom. It was a really nice day.