Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021

Enjoying the places

As the morning began with a burning sun, we took the opportunity to stop for a while to take a stroll through Peñafiel, rest and do some sight-seeing. The famous Plaza del Coso (Bullring Square) was of course a must-see. There was not time enough to see the castle, though. We came back to the theater, where we started to perform some video tests. All seemed to flow naturally.

At the end of the morning we lived an exciting moment: the architects, Sandra and Álvaro, just arrived from Barcelona, joined the team. We felt that things were going really big. We end up in the Restaurant María Eugenia with Jesús, where we enjoyed the traditional lechazo (lamb) with an excelent accompaniment: several bottles of Qumrán Roble of 2010.

Once outside the restaurant, we headed towards a new work session. We made a first closed-door performance which helped us step into the concert´s structure and gave us a perspective on the recital´s concept. Some spontaneous conversations arised, we registered them in video for the documental.

Later on, we transported the instruments to the winery for the shooting on the next morning – it´s incredible how many things can get into Cesar´s car, even a symphonic bassdrum… and much more!-. When we arrived, we enjoyed the spaces and got absolutely fascinated by the architecture. I believe the musicians got captivated from the very first moment. It was then when everybody started to perceived at the same time the project´s real dimensions.