Sunday, May 26, 2024

S A H at Reina Sofía Madrid

Next March 3rd at 19.30 I am been invited to perform my 7-channel tape piece with visuals S A H at Auditorio 400 of Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid. The piece has been programmed in the III Congreso Internacional Espacio Sonoros y Audiovisual, Espacios Sonoros 2016.



I find beforehand the space particularly interesting. Although it presents an up-to-18-channel Acousmonium-like speaker system around the hall -so the acoustical possibilities on organizing a dynamic sound distribution environment are almost infinite-, however I have decided to explore the space by using only the implicit spatiality programmed within the piece when I composed it. So, this is the most natural way of approaching the instrument, exploring the space in its most efficient way according with the piece’s strategies.



The sound system is pretty symmetrical, so you could distributed perfectly well the 7-channel piece. As, in this piece, channel number 6 is cancelled, I routed this empty channel to the back part of the hall, gaining a frontal sense -very convenient for this piece-. In this occasion channel number 5 (God’s Eye) will be set taking advantage of whole battery of frontal speakers (left and right), whereas several quadrophonic cores (channel 1 to 4) are spread along the whole space. Lateral channels (7 and 8) are deployed around using the whole speaker systems both sizes. Here, you could see also the speaker models used in this set linked to channels.