Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021

Visiting the concert hall in Peñafiel

Yesterday we visited the facilities of the Cultural Center of Peñafiel in order to examine its technical resources ad hoc and to elaborate an account of the percussion instruments available for Raphaël. This place is something really exceptional. Peñafiel, just a village in the center of Castilla, has a more than decent theater: a fantastic audio installation, surround system for cinema, wide span screen, a gorgeous integrated  system -including an internal RJ45 network with more than 20 connections spread over the whole theater, which is ideal to avoid throwing enormous lengths of cable from our Ethernet cable to the control cabin-.

It is a concert hall not so wide as to surface, but it has a considerable height. Finally it was not possible to move the control elements -mixer, MIDI light controller, etc-, the reason of which is that they are TOO integrated in the theater. The cabin is several meters above the second stage box, so one has a quite strange, even Haags feeling when one is in it, almost like in a Tim Burton film.

Bea is delighted with the big screen on which she will project the images during the concert, and that is the least you could be. The Great Justi, an expert on his theater, advised us just marvellously and with the calm and depth which involves explaining the integrated system. Ahead we have some hours -about 5 days- of intense work. So let´s get to work then!