Monday, Apr 22, 2024

Ángel Arranz in Beijing

Next 23th October 2012 the piece Extrusion by the composer Ángel Arranz will be presented at the Musicacoustica Festival in Beijing, China. The composition drew its inspiration from the avant-garde building Marqués de Riscal, designed by the architect Frank Gehry and situated in Elciego, a small town in Álava (Spain)

Extrusion is the second piece of a series entitled [d]espacio, four electronic pieces for tape with visualizations composed by Arranz between 2009 and 2012. This series takes as compositional models four avant-garde Spanish wineries. In the recital there will be presented works by the Spanish composers Climent, Lewin-Richter, Jiménez and Perales. 

The piece describes the action of extruding, which is molding by industrial means. As its architectural model, Extrusion presents a series of sound materials that express themselves by using curves. These curves develop through time and space, playing with the listener’s sound perception of the space itself.