Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020

Isidro Blasco exhibition

c/ Alcalá, 31
28014 Madrid
17th March to 16th May, 2010
Tu. to Sa. 11:00 to 20:30
Su. 11:00 to 14:00
free entrance
Unlike the general chaotic mood last days and the collective hysteria by trip colapses, certain news about a threatening volcano incarnated in the god Thor and serious announcements in the meantime of a new crisis originated over the worldwide airplane sector, unlike the trapped feeling of willing to escape the tyrannical permanence of Madrid architecture and the endless sensation of a Europe that suddenly converts into an enormous abstraction surrounded by cumulus of imaginary ashes and distorted hallucinations from the media, we found another more interesting chaos, organic and silent, formed by real memories and pieces of life meticulously (dis)ordered on wooden structures, delicately bent photographic sheets and imaginary streets that at the same time are real, mental territories seen at once. So, it could be defined doubtlessly as a true pleasure. Fiction over fiction equals real, chaos over chaos equals something pretty close to exquisite order.
This sort of authentic things only occurs from time to time. The Spanish artist living in New York Isidro Blasco presents until 16th May a retrospective collection of 46 sculptures and videos between 1999 and 2010 merging different techniques and matters -photos, wood, cardboard and video-.
According to José Manuel Costa, the curator of the exhibition, all the pieces refer to the space that surrounds them, to the emptiness as something fundamentally spiritual and to the surface as a notion that goes down the mere materialism.

Deconstructed images over complex structures through impossible Cartesian coordinates, neighborhoods from Sanghai beyond a 3D representation and intimate resonating moments of the artist’s life are captured in this exhibition; all evokes memories and past instants in a way that defeats the equilibrium between an intermediate region of continuous abrupt plasticity and the power of visual colorful, expansive content. If you go to Madrid these days, you may pass by and experiment it by yourself.