Monday, Apr 22, 2024

Qumran in Quincena

Two weeks ago, we visited the Basque Country to prepare our concert with Josetxo Silguero in the Quincena Musical of San Sebastián. We enjoy having isolated spaces in the middle of the city, far from the madding crowd, so that we can work on sound comfortably. This time, the rehearsals took place in a small chapel, surrounded by a delightful garden, just in the center of Irún. Here we installed a quite complete rehearsal set (many thanks to Diego). The setting-up was fast and we could get to work immediately.

For the first time, we had the opportunity of working on Qumran with the all the resources this piece deserves. Ángel revised the piece and included five electronic interludes, as well as live electronics processes. Also, we did likewise with the video, defining a stunning range of images, from real-time improvisation with ruins of judaism-inspired buildings, to suggestive geometric grids and rich textures. We are really glad about the results of the aesthetic whole.

Josetxo enjoyed the work immensely; as the rehearsal went on, we could see how the intentions designed in the piece’s first version, which at times resembles a palimpsest of different stages, grew clearer and clearer. Qumran for bass saxophone has gained entity, and has become the twin piece of Qumran B for percussion set and electronics. Since this piece, dedicated to Josetxo, has come to life in all its power, we are looking forward listening the result of the whole series  DK<qumran>.


As you can see in the pictures, the resources were not spared. All these thanks to the work of the great Juanan Ros, Unai and his partner at Láser AV San Sebastián, Cristina and the team of the Kursaal theater. All of them made our time in San Sebastián really pleasant.

The rehearsals before the concert were really interesting as for the expression of ideas and memorable moments. One of them was the visit of Félix Ibarrondo to the concert hall, who took the opportunity of giving the last touches to his piece in a rehearsal with Josetxo.

After the concert, and surrounded by the best company, we could enjoy a Qumrán Roble 2011 wine, courtesy of Jesús Solís. This fantastic wine was the best opportunity of explaining everybody there more things about the evolution of Qumran for bass saxophone, and naturally, about the project it belongs to: DK <qumran>.