Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020

Handbook of Computer Music

DEAN, Roger. 2009. The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music. Oxford Handbooks in Music. Oxford University Press, USA. ISBN: 0195331613.
For those who wanted to learn deeply via a syncretic reference that amalgamate the very different tendencies on electronic and computer music, congratulations. Since 2009 Oxford University Press has released a wonderful monography, The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music.

This is about 600 pages full of content on the subject, which is extensively dealt from very constrastive viewpoints, conforming a sort of caleidoscope picked up around five large tendencies: the historical insight on computer music; the music itself; the performative modes; cognition and computation of computer music, and cultural and educational issues. The book was co-written, edited and coordinated by Roger T. Dean with the contribution of around 30 personalities of the computer music world.