Monday, Jul 15, 2024

Apples at night and other stories

The last weekend could not have been more interesting. We had to change our route from Amsterdam at the last minute, so we went through the RER’s fractal structures in Paris, and later on we arrived to Valencia, early as expected, to listen to the powerful concert of the Mexican group Lumínica. A bit later we began to install our set for Josetxo Silguero’s with The DK <projection> concert.

While the setup we have time for doing a lot of things, as for instance to show our Ethernet pedal to Gregorio Jiménez Payá, the director of the Festival, as well the president of AMEE. This pedal is a work of Lex van den Broek from The Hague, to which was incorporated Ipson Lab technology. The impeccable organization made possible that our job there was a piece of cake, so the concert was a natural consecuence.

The skills of Josetxo surprise continuously to us; he played a recital solo including almost the whole saxophone family, and he was combining each one of the programmed pieces with explanations of the composers in a very appropriate way, between informal and serious.  As for us, we tried to take advantage on sound diffusion within a space really peculiar, a kind of cuneiform small/medium auditorium. The speakers were set lineally in two separated lateral lines, so the atmosphere of sound created was incredibly beautiful.

We would like to thank Carlos Frías, Carlos Satué, Juan José Eslava, Iris, Gregorio Jiménez Payá and Juan, from the organization for supporting us in the concert preparation and sharing some of their pics with us.

Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_10Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_1Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_2Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_3Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_4
Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_8Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_9Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_11Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_12
Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_13Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_14Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_15Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_16Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_17Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_18
Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_19Rehearsal at Valencia, Nov.2011_22